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Most Important Step: ISOLATION

One of the most important steps in the eyelash extensions process is proper isolation.

Lash artists use two tweezers – one to isolate the natural lash and one to apply the extension to the natural lash. 

Isolation allows for the natural shedding process to take place – Lashes go through growth cycles and lashes that are stuck to each other or multiple lashes cannot shed as they are intended to.  Lashes that are not properly isolated can be pulled out ahead of time causing damage to the hair follicle. 

Isolation ensures comfort – When lashes are properly applied and isolated, the client will not feel them.  Lashes that are stuck together may become uncomfortable. The client may feel a tugging or tightness on the lid. The stuck lashes may be in different growth cycles and the ones that are growing out or shedding may be pulling out the next natural lash with it.  This can cause premature shedding and therefore damage the natural lashes.  

Isolation allows for control of the shape and design – A skilled lash artist will be able to manipulate the lash to create the desired design. 

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